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Flight Catering Production Manager Role and Responsibilities –


  • Liaise with other managers to formulate objectives and understand requirements
  • Estimate costs and prepare budgets
  • Organize workflow to meet specifications and deadlines
  • Monitor production to resolve issues
  • Supervise and evaluate performance of production personnel (quality inspectors, workers etc.)
  • Determine amount of necessary resources (workforce, raw materials etc.)
  • Approve maintenance work, purchasing of equipment etc.
  • Ensure output meets quality standards
  • Enforce health and safety precautions
  • Report to upper management
  • Ensure complete manning complement to meet mass production targets, providing allowances for worker leaves and sick calls.
  • Check bonded warehouse regularly to ensure raw materials are available.
  • Ensure that meal trays for the various service classes are correctly packaged along with food group trays for first class (caviar, salmon, fish and meat trays).
  • Ensure that purser’s kits and consigned duty free items on inflight sales are fully stocked-up.
  • Supervise the operation of catering trucks to ensure they reach and load-up the aircraft on schedule.
  • Ensure the dispatch of catering trucks to retrieve galley trolleys and non-consumable items from the aircraft after passenger disembarkation.
  • Coordinate with airport authorities in securing permits and identification documents required for entry of catering trucks and drivers

Flight Catering Production Manager Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent organizational and supervisory skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


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