Real Estate


Real Estate is the second largest employer in the economy. It comprises of four sub-sectors – housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial.

Commercial space demand is on the rise in from metro cities like Delhi-NCR, Mumbai and Bengaluru, and will see an upward trend. Few large players dominate the market and hold pan-India presence. However, the overall business in this domain is witnessing a shift from sales to lease and maintenance. Though retail space accounts for a small portion of the overall real estate market and organised retailers are few, increasing collaborations between international retail brands and Indian partners is likely to promote a strong growth in the retail space.

Real Estate Recuritment

We are closely following the developments and are aware of the challenges this industry is facing today, one of foremost being getting the right people on board. The Grand Placements® have helped top companies in the industry to get the right people on board, faster.

Key Positions that we have recruited are:
  • AVP Operations
  • GM / DGM / AGM – Sales & Marketing
  • GM / DGM / AGM – CRM
  • Mall Manager
  • Engineer Planning & Control
  • Site Engineer
  • Planning Manager
  • QC Manager
  • F&B Managers/Chefs (Service as well as Production)
  • Concierge
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