Managing Emotions in Business

Goals & Objectives

Managing Emotions, while you are at work, will allow you to become more rational in handling situations that ignite you. The objective of this course is to facilitate corporate executives and businessmen in understanding:

  • What triggers their emotions.
  • Various positive and negative emotions.
  • How to effectively handle emotions to reduce the intensity of conflicts and thus manage situations to their advantage.

Course Overview

  • The Structure of Emotion
  • Assertion Techniques to Manage Emotions
  • How to Deal with Difficult People
  • Self Assertion Analysis
  • Defining the Components of Anger Management
  • Assertive Anger and Strategies to Keep Anger at Bay
  • Gaining Professionalism and Developing Stress Management Techniques
  • Self Analysis – Stress Test
  • Understanding Despair, What Irrational Beliefs Inhibit Resolution of Despair and Steps To Resolve Blocked Despair
  • Comparing Motivation with Emotion
  • Passion Vs. Emotion
  • Describing and Define Emotions in Relation to Emotional Intelligence
  • Self Analysis – EQ Test

Who should attend?

All professionals who work in today’s fast-paced, demanding work environments where they encounter frustrations on a daily basis. People who have difficulty coping with stressful situations or have had difficulty in expressing emotions effectively. This course will also be beneficial for any one who wishes to discover innovative approaches for managing anger and resolving difficult situations.


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