Leadership Skills


In the existing global economy, dynamic organizations need effective leadership because of fluctuating market conditions. The leadership should influence the behaviour, performance and boost the morale of an employee and concomitantly, maintain the morale and ethical standards of an organization.

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of Leadership Skills training programme is to discuss the characteristics and traits of an effective leader and the challenges faced by him in the existing global economy.

Course Overview

  • Understanding the job contents of your post
  • Assessment of organizational needs
  • Communicating/ Planning/ Evaluating Along With The Group
  • Controlling Group Performance
  • Sharing Leadership
  • Active Listening & Counselling and Representing The Group

Who should attend?

Leadership Skills training course is meant for managers and supervisors who would like to understand not only how to manage business but also lead employees to achieve the requisite targets. This course is also meant for senior managers who would want to possess global qualities like cultural adaptability and manage multilingual teams efficiently.


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