Career Transition Workshop


Being concerned about “Why most defence officers in India are not being offered appropriate jobs in Civil Industries in spite of their immense experience”, this institute was formed by a retired defence officer, after four years of extensive research in America.

The world of the defence forces is an extremely protected and hierarchical world. The civilian way of life is far more diverse and opportunistic. Defence personnel wishing to cross over to the other side need to be guided, cautioned and prepared to put their best foot forward.

We have specifically designed this course to enable those who wish to make a smooth career transition and approach their future with confidence.

This course provides an opportunity to discover your true potential and explore employment possibilities in a systematic and professional manner.

Goals & Objectives

It has been particularly noted that Defence officers are not sufficiently aware of the following:
  • Working environments in the civil industry.
  • Skills and strengths required for various jobs.
  • The method of conducting a “Job Search”.
  • Presenting their Curriculum Vitae (CV) to their best advantage.
  • Interview and salary negotiating techniques.

Course Overview

The Course is designed to incorporate the following :
  • Ascertaining your core strengths and skills.
  • Identifying the industries that suit your individual profile and interest.
  • Writing your resumes to make them effective.
  • Preparing you for interviews.
  • Improving your salary negotiation skills.

Who should attend?

  • Defence Officers who are retired/retiring on superannuation or prematurely.
  • Short Service Commissioned Officers.
  • Police/Paramilitary Forces Officers.
  • Officer’s wives who want to make their career in the corporate sector.
  • Mid-career transients.


  • Orientation/Introductory session.
  • Lecture/Demonstration.
  • Practical training.
  • Own time work.
  • Group discussion/Case studies.


10 days

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