Security Company Formation, Marketing Management Course


Success and risk come hand in hand, so do wealth and temptation. Crime looms large in our daily lives and the threat of harm and loss is more real than it ever was. Today people consider security and protection a necessity. In cities like Delhi the police force alone cannot be held responsible for our well being. It is necessary to find supplementary security in order to ensure safety. While there are many companies and agencies offering security services, it is necessary to standardise these agencies and ensure a certain quality and credibility amongst them.

Goals & Objectives

Many defence/police personnel find this a lucrative profession and turn entrepreneurs. Our workshop allows you to explore in detail the management requirements and the technicalities of this business. This course is designed for those who would be interested in setting up a security firm.

Participants shall be able to understand the intricacies involved in forming up a Security Company.

Course Overview

  • Meaning of security
  • Areas of security
  • Functioning of a security company
  • Legal aspects of forming a security company
  • How to maintain various types of registers
  • Getting registration done for the company
  • Compliance under various laws/acts
  • Role & responsibilities of security personnel
  • Fire fighting
  • Disaster management
  • Emergency situations

Who should attend?

The aim of the course would be:

  • To give the Security Managers / Officers a comprehensive exposure to all aspects of Security, from the grass roots level to the formation management of a security company.
  • To also find workable/ practical solutions which can be implemented without inhibition at all levels of the security hierarchy.
Retired defence personnel, or, those who see forming a security company as a potential venture for them.


3 weeks

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