Conflict Management

Goals & Objectives

Conflicts are not won – they are resolved! Conflict Management training programme is an interactive one that focuses on improving conflict resolution skills. The programme will help you to recognise inevitability of a conflict and the point that it can be healthy when skillfully managed. We will explore how conflicts arise and discuss ways to minimize individual differences, build collaborative teams and productive relationships.

Through case studies, role plays, and discussions, participants will work through many workplace conflict situations. They will learn the techniques and skills in order to manage:
Goals & Objectives

  • Conflict With Customers, Within Teams and Between Individuals Inner Conflict
  • Conflict in Organisation: between teams and between managers and their people

Course Overview

  • What is Conflict?
  • Nature of Conflict in the workplace
  • Analyzing the common elements of conflict
  • Verbal and Non-verbal Behaviours that upshot Conflict
  • Recognizing Conflict Situations
  • Recognizing Individuals Behaviour and Conflict Styles
  • Classic Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Ways to prevent Conflict from escalating

Who should attend?

This course will help individuals, in all levels of an organization, learn to identify & resolve conflicts within the workplace.


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