Assistant Security & Officers Course

Goals & Objectives

This course aims at giving a wider exposure to the aspiring Asst. Security Officers about the duties of Security Guards / Supervisors in addition to their own role & responsibilities, for better understanding implementation of the security procedures and systems.

Course Overview

The Course is designed to incorporate the following:
  • Definition of Security & Safety.
  • Duties & Responsibilities of ASO, Supervisors and Guards towards principle employer and security agency.
  • Maintenance of documents related to principle employer and security agenecy
  • Calculation of salaries and wages and preparation of duty roster.
  • Security of Airports, Industries, Hotels, Hospitals & Banks.
  • Disaster Management Including Fire Fighting, Natural Calamities & Emergency Evacuation, Recovery Plan & Medical Exigencies, Civil Disturbances and Bomb Threat.

Who should attend?

  • Junior Commissioned Officers/Senior NCOs and their equivalent in Police/Para Military Forces who are retired/retiring on superannuation.
  • Civilians who want to make career in security field and are aspiring for officers positions.


  • Orientation/Introductory session.
  • Lecture/Demonstration.
  • Practical training.
  • Own time work.
  • Group discussion/Case studies.


2 weeks

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