Entrepreneurship Skills & Franchise Development


The world of the Defence Forces is an extremely protected and hierarchical world. The civilian way of life is far more diverse and opportunistic. Defence officers wishing to cross over to the other side need to be guided, cautioned and prepared to put their best foot forward. The course has been specifically designed to enable those who wish to make a smooth transition to civil industry and approach their future with confidence.

A rewarding feature of Economic Development in India has been the impressive growth of Entrepreneurs. In fact, modern small sector has emerged as a potential sector enhancing the growth of highly skilled entrepreneurs who not only make the profits possible, but also contribute to a better quality of life for the millions who make the profit possible.

Goals & Objectives

This course gives an insight to the young, dynamic Entrepreneurs and Defence Officers:
  • In starting their own business or venturing into a franchising business and running it successfully.
  • To assist them in choosing a right second career option available in various self-employment and employment opportunities depending upon their skills, strengths, hidden talents and temperaments.

Course Overview

The Course is designed to incorporate the following :

I Entrepreneur Skills

  • Ascertaining your core strengths and skills.
  • Developing Entrepreneurship Qualities.
  • People Management Skills (Attitude, Leadership, Teamwork).
  • Financial & Legal Implications.
  • Marketing Strategies.
  • Customer Orientation.
  • Cost Control Measures.
  • Business Expansion.

II Entrepreneur Skills

  • Concept of Franchising Business.
  • Scope & Opportunities.
  • Types of Franchisers – Franchisee Relationship.
  • Mode of business operation.
  • Investment structure.
  • Profit Sharing.
  • Risk Factors.
  • Fighting Adversities.
  • Legal Implications.

Who should attend?

  • Defence Officers who are retired/retiring on superannuation.
  • Short Service Commissioned Officers.
  • Young, dynamic entrepreneur keen for growth.
  • Officer’s wives who want to make their career in the corporate sector.
  • Mid-career transients.
  • Police/Paramilitary Forces Officers.


  • Orientation/Introductory session.
  • Lecture/Demonstration.
  • Practical training.
  • Own time work.
  • Group discussion/Case studies.


One month

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