Self Management

Goals & Objectives

With the increasing pressures to achieve targets and produce better results at a faster pace, the quality of life is resulting in more of disappointments and frustrations thereby hindering creativity and productivity.

Self Management training programme is based on multiple innovative techniques that encourage managers and employees to fully demonstrate their talents and capabilities, and builds a corporate mechanism that stimulates the growth and development of individuals as well as the company.

It is a unique training programme as it is based on practical techniques rather than theoretical concepts. The objective of this programme is to provide you with new tools for dissolving stress and maximizing performance.

Course Overview

  • Setting goals and priorities; balancing professional and personal life
  • Accountability, Motivation & Confidence for Self Development
  • Applying Self Discipline
  • Dealing with people, problems and situations
  • Recognizing your own and other people’s good efforts
  • Showing interest, initiative and effort
  • Nurturing a greater sense of personal purpose and clarity.
  • Assessing personal strengths and areas for development
  • Managing time effectively; Efficiently multi-task

Who should attend?

Self Management training programme is designed for Executives, Managers & staff at supervisory level to cope up with work and family pressures. It is beneficial for those who want to learn how to successfully accomplish goals and enjoy both the professional and personal life. The programme is also beneficial for homemakers who are looking for the essentials of happiness.


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